About Us

My father, Luigi Tani, was born in 1904 in Tivoli, a small mountain town approximately 20 miles east of Rome.  He grew up in this charming village surrounded by the ancient Temple of Vesta (La Sibilla), the Aniene River and the park of the Gregorian Villa. Within the Sibilla, among the temple ruins, his family operated a restaurant. At the age of 18, like many other youngsters of his generation, my father left his hometown and went off in search of fortune and adventure in the New World.  Luigi established himself in Venezuela, where he learned architecture and construction and became one of the best known pioneers in the contruction industry.

My father lived life passionately and was an enthusiast of gourmet food and the European style of dining.  He was a firm believer that happiness is about family, friends, and savoring the moment.  It was he who introduced me to the culinary arts, and his recipes and secrets are what make the food we serve at Luigi’s authentic.

Welcome, relax and savor the moment!

Duilio Tani